Are you ready to improve your eyesight?

Hundreds of years ago Dr. William Bates has found that eyesight could be improved in a natural way by relaxation of the eye muscles. It is easy to implement in your daily life and you don't need anything special for it. Start today, improve your eyesight now!

What you can do to relax your eye muscles

  • Relearn to see in a natural way
  • Get rid of mental strain and stress
  • Reduce your prescriptions

Do you want to learn how your can implement these three solutions for better eyesight in your life?

An online course will be released soon. Can’t wait? Let’s have a talk about other possibilities that are available right now.

Above is all improvement on a physical and mental level.

Beside this, improvement can also happen on an emotional and spiritual level. On these last two levels you can make the most impact when you ask for personal guidance.

Are you ready to improve your eyesight on all levels? This is your chance for change.

A first online consultation is always for free. It is meant to find out if we have a match and if I am the right person to help you or not to improve your eyesight.

Who do you have a consultation with?

My name is Kim van der Hoeven. Born and raised in Westland, the Netherlands. As a 8-year old girl I got my first glasses. I never liked them and got even bullied with them. My prescription came to -7.25 (myopia) with a cylinder in it (astigmatism). In my late twenties I heard for the first time of the Bates method and decided to give it a try. Within a few days my eyesight already improved a little bit.

That made me want to help other people too and I follow a course to become a Bates Teacher. In 2015 I started my practice in the Netherlands and now it is time to reach the rest of the world. My English isn’t perfect yet (working on it), but my knowledge and experience in improving eyesight is, and I think that’s the most important thing.

Eye Soulution - Kim with Snellen chart - Improve your eyesight